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1st Framwellgate Scout Group was founded in the early 1950's. The photo below shows a picture of the first Summer Camp in 1958.

Rear row L to R. Doc Dockeral, John Brown, John Carr, Bobby Leggett.
Front Row L to R. Dennis Morgan, Michael Beattie, Colin Smith, Philip Beattie, Ian Smith.
Doc Dockeral was a university student and lived in Durham Castle. Michael and Philip Beattie were brothers and their mother, Betty, was the Akela (Cub leader). Colin and Ian Smith were brothers.

Jeff Kirton remembers going and camping at a Jamboree at Gosforth Park in 1960 and shaking hands with the chief scout (Sir Donald McClean). The 1st Framwellgate Moor group were one of only three groups to leave their site tidy and to be invited back to Gosforth Park.
Jeff says; 'I remember the air raid shelter. We used to climb on the roof. It had a 3' hatch at either end and we used to collect and store old newspapers in there - which were presumably sold to raise funds. I was told that King Edward VIII when he was Prince of Wales either visited or opened the building. When I joined the Cubs (1956) we were confined to the brick part of the building as the main room had two full sized snooker tables. I remember the room off it was full of wooden beer crates which were chopped up and sold as firewood. I do recall a Woman's group using a room to play 'Beetle' and when the British Legion lost its building (now Alexander Close) some furniture and a Gestetiner copier were given to the scout group.

Here is a picture of the Framwellgate Moor Scout Group Gang Show March 1962.

It is a copyright photo of North of England Newspapers Ref 62/3/D718 so it probably appeared in the Advertiser. Jeff Kirton's mother wrote on the back '6th birthday anniversary. The photo was taken in the scout hall and shows Mike Habershaw, the scout leader doing some magic. Being such a small hall, we had to do a number of performances. And i think we did another one the following year. In the picture are at the rear; John Brown (with guitar) Alan Smith (in suit) Susan Delap, Margaret Spirit, Jean Pallister, Miss Peacock (guides) Marian Carr (guides or cubs), Betty Beattie (Akela).
The rest of the gang in face paint include, Kenny Simpson, John Stones, one of the Waldie brothers, Jeff Kirton, Michael Beattie, Robert Hyde, Geoffrey Bailes, Malcolm Coulson, two of Dr Clarke's boys, Michael Beswick, Jock McGlocklin, Alan Smailes, Tom Humpherson, Paul McQuillen, Ronnie Ray and sister, Pearl Baines, Susan Parr, Marie, ... Scout Group Bring and Buy Sale 1963

Agan, a North of England Newspaper copyright photo ref. 12/11/D23.
The photo was taken in the scout hut. The lady with the bouquet is Alderman Rushford who was the first female Mayor of Durham in 1950. Betty Beattie (Akela) and Mrs Stones (Brown Owl - Brownie leader) are next to her. We pressume she was opening a Bring & Buy sale.
The scouts in the back row are L to R.
Chris Patrick, David Johnson, ?, Jeff Kirton, Michael Beswick, Michael Beattie, John?, Tom Humpherson, Paul McQuillen.
David Johnson's brother is one of the cubs, and Mrs Stones daughter one of the Brownies.

Mayors Parade 1963

Again North of England Newspapers copyright. Ref 63/6/D62
The Mayor of Durham, Norman Richardson, organised a Sunday Parade to the Cathedral and a reception afterwards at the Town Hall - with pop and ice cream.
Among the group are some from the Framwellgate Moor Scout and Guide groups.
Rear row, David Johnson, Jeff Kirton, Tom Humpherson.
Second Row. Paul McQuillen, Jean Pallister, Annette Nicholson.
3rd Row. Madeline Ironside.
There are probably more guides

The photo below shows the Cub football team 1965/1966 - the goal keeper was Gary March, playing along side Derek Anderson.

The Group has its own headquarters, which are rumoured to have been built in the 1930s. The hut was apparently given by the people of Surrey as a Soup Kitchen / Club during the depression of the 30's. It has been used by the Army Cadets, Social services, but since the 1950's has been the HQ of the 1st Framwellgate Moor Scout Group.

In 2006 11th Durham Scout Group joined 1st Framwellgate Moor to form a single group under the 1st Fram banner.

In 2007 a Beaver colony was formed for younger members.

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