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Planned Cub Activities

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Tuesday Cubs

Planned activities
20/03/18 Durham Treasure Hunt
27/03/18 Faith Badge - Religious Visit
10/04/18 Movie Night
17/04/18 A Knights Night
24/04/18 A bit of Science
29/04/18 Chalmers Shield - District Cubs Competition
05/05/18 Cubs: Group Camp 2018
08/05/18 No Cubs
12/05/18 Pete Swinney County Cub Competition
15/05/18 Kites
19/05/18 Beamish - Empire and Flag Weekend
29/05/18 Movie Night
22/06/18 Cubboree
07/07/18 Cub Water Day
10/07/18 Sports Night - District Cubs
28/08/18 Movie Night
09/09/18 Cooper Cup - Cubs County Competition
15/09/18 County Award Ceremony
11/10/18 Wide Games - District Cubs
13/10/18 Swimming - District Cubs
23/10/18 Movie Night
27/10/18 Cub Sleepover
03/11/18 Day Hike - District Cubs
17/11/18 District Cubs Sleepover

Wednesday Cubs

Planned activities
21/03/18 Ice skating
28/03/18 Easter night (choc egg decorating, egg rolling, etc)
05/05/18 Cubs: Group Camp 2018
19/05/18 Beamish - Empire and Flag Weekend
25/05/18 Marra Camp (Northumberland - Pirates)
07/07/18 Cub Water Day
20/10/18 JOTA / JOTI Hut Sleepover

Friay Cubs

Planned activities
23/03/18 Easter night or Ice scating [SB]
25/05/18 Marra Camp (Northumberland - Pirates)
07/07/18 Cub Water Day

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